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Sistem Antrian Loket

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Sistem Antrian Loket di bank Kantor imigrasi Pajak dll. dapat menggunakan display seven segmen atau juga dapat menggunakan matrix display. Dengan menggunakan matrix display. Pada saat loket tidak melayani pelanggan maka display dalam waktu 2 10 menit akan berubah menjadi moving sign informasi berjalan. Pada sistim Antrian Queuing SYSTEM MANAGEMENT Support up to 30 Counter Displays and 1 Main Display Voice Module with active speaker Beep Equipped with 32 column thermal printer with auto paper cutter to print the tickets selectable full cut or partial cut Up to 10 kind of queue 10 ticket buttons Equipped with 16 keys keypad and statistic data base service System Communicate with Counter Displays and Main Display through RS 485 port Communicate with PC through RS 232 port Programmable Counts restart when powered up on a new day Out of paper alarm Max. 6 lines user defined string on ticket generate activities report Equipped with ding dong bell Power supply 220VAC 30 watts max Counter Unit 3 Digits seven segment type display 0.5 height 4x4 Keypad Numeric 1 Buttons for Next Communicate with System via its RS 485 port Using DIP switch to set the device address tabletop installation Power supply 12VDC 10 watts max Display Unit Seven segment type display 4 height 3 digits for queue number and 2 digits for counter number Communicate with System via its RS 485 port using DIP switch to set the device address Wall installation bracket included Power supply 12VDC 10 watts max Mater Display Unit Dot Matrix 5x7 4 Alphanumeric display Display Massage and Loket Number Information 10 mode display Up to 2000 character data storage Communicate with System via its RS 485 port Power supply 220VAC 25 watts max